What we look for


Consistent with our strategy, we have identified the following general criteria and guidelines that we believe are important in evaluating prospective target businesses. We expect to conduct a comprehensive due diligence review which will include, among other things, management and employee meetings, review of financial information, facility inspection, and an extensive review of all other material target company information. We intend to use these criteria as guidelines in evaluating potential acquisition opportunities, but an acquisition maybe executed even if it does not meet our guidelines.
  • Focus on companies within the industrials sector such as those within aerospace (including “clean”aviation), defense, automation, building products and construction, business services, capital goods, distribution, industrial services, industrial technology, packaging, safety and security, and supply chain /logistics, among others. We intend to evaluate emerging growth opportunities within the industrial sector and to seek businesses that are currently North American-centric with unrealized potential for global expansion. Additionally, we believe our management team’s deep industry experience and vast network will allow us to identify undervalued assets where we can accelerate operational improvements, organic revenue growth, and potential acquisition opportunities to drive shareholder value.
  • Identify market leaders within their particular industries that also have distinguished technologies or proprietary processes that differentiate them from their competitors. Our management team has a track record of identifying market leading technologies across the industrials spectrum and an affinity for businesses with strong brands, mission-critical offerings, and often times an electronic or software foundation.
  • Seek opportunities with an attractive financial profile that can be enhanced with the targeted expertise of our management team. While this may include businesses with sound histories of growth and profitability, we may also target underperforming businesses that we believe will benefit from new ownership and the implementation of enhanced operating efficiencies.
  • Target platforms that can be expanded through bolt-on M&A and/or through targeted capitaldeployment, such as those within fragmented markets.
  • Focus on businesses that offer a degree of market strength or competitive advantages throughregulation, strong brands, channel access, and/or superior technology.
  • Seek target businesses that have a strong leadership team that may benefit from the additional industry expertise of our management team.

    These criteria are not intended to be exhaustive. Any evaluation relating to the merits of a particular initial business combination may be based, to the extent relevant, on these general guidelines as well as other considerations, factors and criteria that our management team may deem relevant. In the event that we decide to enter into our initial business combination with a target business that does not meet the above criteria and guidelines, we will disclose that the target business does not meet the above criteria in our stockholder communications related to our initial business combination, which, as discussed in this prospectus, would be in the form of proxy solicitation materials or tender offer documents that we would file with the U.S. Securities andExchange Commission, or the SEC.
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